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obiabunmo okey will always miss u February 2, 2010

Although i didn't have the opportunity of getting to know you so well but the little moment i spent with you when you did your house dedication in 2005 december can never be forgotten.I saw in you a peaceful and loving man.a man that has respect and regards for others.

Dogana you will live forever in my heart.


     Okey! Nwannem: Alu melu! Ebenebe gbulu, Nkpiti Kwelu! Attra,

Mere words are not enough to express how I felt and still feel when I recieved the news of your assassination.You were a peaceful and loving brother, an epitome of a fine gentleman with a strong faith in the Lord. Honestly, I deeply mourn and will always remember you.You will forever live in my heart.

       However, I take solace in His word that "if we live, we live to the Lord,and if we die, we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord" Rom.14:8

       Though I am still in shock and pains, but I know that our Redeemer liveth and he will unravel every mystery in due season.

Ezinwannem!  Farewell! May your soul rest in perfect peace.

For my sister Nnem Ochie -NGOZI and the CHILDREN! I say it is well!

Oji ji-jide nma will supply all your needs

Dike na agha will fight for you

Agu na eche mba, Anya nadighi ehi ura will watch over you.

Esoro amara uzo will make ways for you

Isi  iyi nke ndu will sustain you.

        jaa ya mma...for He will continue to be with you and will give you

the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

Adeiu, okey!









Obiabunmo adaobi Farewell my dearest uncle January 25, 2010

      Oke nnam ochie, words cannot describe what u were to me, i miss u alot i cant stop wishing u were still alive but who am i to question God. we all love u.

   Rest in perfect peace DOGAN.

Zubby Anyadiegwu Esq Tribute to my brother January 22, 2010



Okey! Nwannem; Alu melu! Ebenebe gbulu, Nkpet! Kwelu! Attra! Mere words are not enough to express how I felt and I still feel when I received the news of your assassination. You were a peaceful and loving brother, an epitome of a fine gentleman with a strong faith in the Lord. Honestly, I deeply mourn and will always remember you. You will forever live in my heart.


ª   However, I take solace in His Words that a if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die to the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord”. Rom 14:8.


ª   Though I am still shock and pains, but I know that our Redeemer liveth and he will unravel every mystery in due season.


Ezinwannem! Farewell! May your rest in perfect peace.

ª   For my sister, Nnem Ochie Ngozi and the Children! I say it is well!

ª   Ojiji-jide nma will supply all your needs.

Dike na agha will fight for you

Agu na echa mba, Anya nadigh eru ura will watch over you

ª   Esoro amara uzo will make ways for you

Isi iyi nke ndu will sustain you

          Jaa yam ma for He will continue to with you and give you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.


Adieu, Okey!




Nwike Iluno Engr January 20, 2010

Dear Okey, when I heard of this sad news, I was dazed with surprise of such wicked act. It only became clear to me later that you have returned to the Lord, much more fulfilled. You were preparing for your thanksgiving in a few days, being just conferred a Priest of the Lord when the tragic incident happened.

We shall miss you, your liveliness, jokes and pleasantries. Oh no! You are gone? We shall take solace for you have conquered death and I have no doubt that you are at the right hand of our Lord in Heaven.

You really touched many lives. You were an exemplary person right from boyhood to present past, with heart full of love and kindness, compassion and gentleness.

Good night Okey! Good night my friend!

Engr. Nwike Iluno

Ken Emelobe Engr January 18, 2010
On behalf of my family, I extend our heartfelt condolence to the entire families of Anigbogu and Oguchi. I pray that the ALMIGHTY GOD, who knows the end from the beginning; who does as HE pleases; who without HIS knowledge, nothings happens; our counsellor, will console you and send you comforter, THE HOLY SPIRIT to comfort you.
We take solace in the truth that Rev Okey lived a humble and glorious live and died in CHRIST. Goodbye till we meet again.  

for us, friends of Ngbo Diocese, Abuja, (FONDA), words are hardly enough to express in the person of REVEREND OKEY ALPHONSUS ANOGBOGU. Notwithstanding, WE attest that REVEREND OKEY ALPHONSUS ANIGBOGU was a quintessential Reverend Minister, brave soldier of Jesus Christ, Circumspect Liaison Officer and Secretary, as well as a champion in service to God and man.



When the Missionary Diocese of Ngbo was created in 2006 REVEREND OKEY ALPHONSUS ANOGBOGU was among the very few persons who identified the dire need to establish a body of friends and well-wishers in Abuja for the young diocese and indeed saw to the establishment of the body, which exists today. FONDA has been assisting the young diocese since inception.



REVEREND OKEY ALPHONSUS ANOGBOGU was the Liaison Officer and Secretary of FUNDA until death. He served the group with candor and diligence. He never failed in any assignment(s) he was given to execute by FONDA. He was determined, committed and persevering in the service.



REVEREND OKEY ALPHONSUS ANOGBOGU was ordained a Deacon on 20th July, 2008 by the Missionary Diocese of Ngbo, Ebonyi State and a full priest of the Anglican Communion, on 28th June, 2009 by the Diocese of Gwagwalada.



He was a true minister of God and a dependabel friend of men. In front of death he was bold to confess: "I AM A MINISTER OF THE MOST HIGH GOD"



             We would miss him greatly. May God accept his soul in His bosom





Onuzuruike .N. Ikeokwu                              Sir Dr. C.S. Nwizu


CHIJIOKE C. IKOKWU PROF. January 18, 2010
In November 2008, I met Rev. Okey at the Sahara Hospital bus stop Isu-Oba where he was waiting to board a bus to Onitsha and return to Abuja after a brief visit to his aged mother. I came from the Ezinkwo direction going towards St. Paul’s Church, so we joyfully greeted each other and the following conversation ensued:
Okey:  Nwokeanyi, kedu ? inyor ? (showing unhindered excitement and asking how I was faring)
Chijioke : Adi m no mma brother. Keduzi i we si ka isurprise anyi nno.(referring to his recent ordination as a Deacon of the Anglican Church at Abuja, that he took us by surprise)
Okey: mba o my brother, obu Chukwu surprise anyi nile. (that he didn’t just surprise me that it was God that surprised all of us including him as far as his ordination was concerned). Okey made it clear to me that his ordination was also God’s surprise to both of us. If Okey, were to be alive and able to talk again, I wonder what he will say concerning this his forceful exit. I can easily say he would say the same thing. This is because he had his own evangelical agenda on the Christmas day - planning and organizing his Post Ordination Thanksgiving Service. What can we do then? Leave everything in God’s hands and pick the great lessons we learnt from his life and death and build our families, our cities, our states and our nation, Nigeria.
Rev. Okey Anigbogu did marvelously well in both his professional career in Diplomacy and his most recent calling as a labourer in God’s vineyard. He was excellent in his ways and upright in his dealings. His contributions to the development of our country, Nigeria were immense. He was most patriotic. He made so much impact in the lives of people he came across in life. On two occasions when I came across his colleagues, they all spoke so very well of him, attesting to his prudence at work and wonderful fellowship with both his juniors and seniors, without knowing he was my relative. 
 One of Rev. Anigbogu’s peculiar characteristics is “Laughter”. He would even laugh for what other people would call great provocation. In fact, his demise means a huge loss to us because “Everybody would always like to stay with someone who is always happy and smiling” Okey was such a person. He was always happy and always working to guarantee the happiness of all that came across him in life.
My prayer is that God will fill this vacuum and take over the affairs of his family, console and strengthen his wife, children, aged mother, brothers and sisters in Jesus name. Amen.
Good night my brother and May your light shine forever.
Prof. Chijioke C. Ikokwu
Our Dear Brother, It was with heavy heart, deep pain and shock that we, your Abuja based brothers and sisters of Isu village, Oba received the fearful news of your forceful exit from us.  We all feel very pained because you left us at a time we never expected; and a time we needed your love, care and brotherhood most.
We are aware that throughout your life, you exhibited unprecedented unassuming postures at every particular point in time; and definitely one of those who always discouraged talking or writing exultingly about oneself. However, we will be failing in our duties if we do not say a few things we knew and saw in your life, because you contributed in no small measure in lightening the candle that is shining today at the Isu Welfare Association Abuja.
To write or talk about our brother, Rev. Okey A. Anigbogu, J.P. brings to mind the comments of Professor Nathaniel Rotenstrech of the Hebrew University, Israel when he said “Most world leaders are creatures of circumstances, but they are remembered for their good deeds that remain monumental.” Okey has become a victim of the circumstance that is only known by God. We do not know. But truly Okey’s great achievements and leadership qualities in this his short journey of life will remain monumental. We have immortalized him in our hearts because to us, he personified A MODEL for Unity, Progress, Love, Brotherhood, Peace, Hard work, Good-influence, Sacrifice and Humility.
Okey made his own personal sacrifices and relentlessly helped to bring the Isu Welfare Association Abuja back on track. For example, he contributed in bringing us together on 12th December 2009 for our end of year Isu-family re-union and banquet. He took his time and prayed for the betterment of us all - as a village and as individual families. The occasion ended with a promise of a re-convention on Christmas day, at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Oba and thereafter his house for thanksgiving to God for calling him to service. Little did we know that this event which he strategically packaged as a forum for evangelism would be aborted by the wickedness of man. They have touched God’s anointed and done harm to his prophet. But we know that ALL POWERS BELONG TO GOD!
On the basis of God’s injunction, we cannot do anything more than to continue to give thanks to God for his life. If God could allow him to depart this earth just less than two years He ordained and consecrated him to work in His vineyard, we strongly believe that He has taken him for bigger and higher responsibilities with Him.
As we mourn and weep as mortals, we pray that God in His infinite mercies will in His own way fill this vacuum created in his family and the Isu Welfare Association Abuja which he helped to re-found.
Okey, we love you so much. We will miss you so much. But we give God all the glory for your quiet and exemplary life.
We bid you goodbye brother
Adieu! Adieu!!  Adieu!!!
For and on behalf of Isu Welfare Association Abuja.
Sir Emma Nwanegbo          Mr. Edwin Oraedu
President                                       Secretary General
Adaobi Ugwunze Mrs January 16, 2010


May the Good Lord grant you and the children the heart to bear this great loss. The Lord surely saw it coming and He allowed it but only for the reason we are yet to know. Take heart my sister and continue to look up to Him.

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